Tofe is a thought leader in the area of practical resilience, and delivers a range of key notes on the topic. From personal experience he has a captivating story and proven strategies to overcoming the greatest of adversity in life. 


"Tofe Evans’ story is one of triumph, wisdom, and the resiliency of the human spirit. His courage and transparency will surely inspire any reader to reach beyond current circumstances and connect with their greatest life."

- Dr. Steve Maraboli | Behavioral Scientist & Best-Selling Author

 As a firm believer of pushing the boundaries of what the human body & mind is capable of, Tofe Evans is constantly reinventing himself to advocate how anyone can rise above and be the best versions of themselves. The journey Tofe has been on these past few years have not only shaped his character but his endurance career literally saved his life... For the ones that are screaming to get out of that deadly deep dark rabbit hole known as ‘adversity’, you’re in good hands. Here is someone who knows this field exceptionally well with his fair share of the destructive toxin. And where you may not think you'll come out of this dismal state, Tofe will guide you in the right direction with his lived experience.

Brace your seats because you’re about to embark a wild ride - a culmination of despair, mental health struggles, hardships, endurance, and more importantly, resilience.

Tofe can be of value to your business by

Helping with staff engagement and communication between generational gaps.

Preventing stress and mental health leave to save on costs.

Having your young team mentally stronger maintaining a resilient mindset, ready to take on whatever comes up.

Bringing the true greatness out of yourself and be unbreakable and unstoppable.

Showing how to build your mental artillery.




Why Tofe is worth a damn

Nominated for 2017 Young Australian & QLDer of the year

Best-selling author & international keynote speaker

Ran 60+ endurance events (incl an ultramarathon on Mt Everest) for various causes and charities

Has collaborated with Red Bull, Thrive Global, Startup Grind, & several Shark Tank companies

Inc. Magazine has listed Tofe's debut book as one of the top books to read over the 2018 summer

Creator of the Practical Resilience framework


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