Six-Pack Mind(set)

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Did you know… 56 million Millennials (those ages 21 to 36 in 2017) were working or looking for work. That was more than the 53 million Generation Xers.

In saying that, a study by the World Health Organisation found that such stress leave and mental health struggles cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year. Also, 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress

So, what if there was a way to prevent these issues from getting worse? A tool that can bridge the gap, per se that your young employees would benefit from a thought-leader who Inc. Magazine featured in its top 10 picks to read this summer?

The next step is a Six-Pack Mind(set)!



A 12-week online program designed to train these minds with a next level of learning to take the learning to a practical, accountable and deliverable level, especially in the workplace. All of which address the following that are scientifically proven to reduce stress: Physical Movement; Human Connection; Mindfulness & Mindset Practice; Purpose.

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Program Criteria: Month 1. Mindset | Month 2. Physical Health | Month 3. Intentional Career



  • Help with staff engagement and communication between generational gaps

  • Prevent stress and mental health leave to save on costs ($10.11B spent in 2017 in Australia alone)

  • Having your young team mentally stronger maintaining a resilient mindset, ready to take on whatever comes up in the workplace



Tofe’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for life is undeniable. Through consistently challenging his own physical and emotional limits, he demonstrates how to cultivate a resilience mindset." - Dr. Jodie Bradnam | Clinical Psychologist

"Tofe provides a unique - and youthful - perspective on building resilience and achieving your goals." - Peter Deans, Chief Risk Officer | Bank of Queensland

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  • Accurate growth tracking from real-time data utilizing the Mindset Platform

  • Ongoing support from qualified coaches

  • Direct messages from Tofe throughout the 12-week program

  • A full year access to the Mindset Platform

  • 60-day money back guarantee

  • Bonus – An e-copy of Tofe’s best-selling book, Everyone Has a Plan Until Sh!t Hits the Fan.



  • Being mentally stronger, ready to take on whatever comes up

  • Moving past fears and acting anyway

  • Maintaining a resilient mindset

  • Building a personal brand that propels your career

  • Waking up feeling healthy and full of purpose every single day

  • Harnessing the greatness in you and becoming unbreakable, unstoppable and unleashed?

  • Doing the work to get results

…speaks your language, then your next step is a Six-Pack Mindset!



Q: How is this different from any other online program?

A: We will track your progress in real-time throughout the 12-weeks to enable us to support you and assist when you're dipping and push you even more when you are thriving. You will undergo a transformational journey making you more resilient in your:

1). Mindset

2). Health, and

3). Career/ purpose.


Q: What happens after the 12-week program?

A: You'll be able to continue using the mindset platform for another 40 weeks (9-months) FREE of charge to continue striving, holding yourself accountable and tracking your progress!


Q: How do I know this is value for money?

A: Remember, it's not the price you pay, it's the value it brings and what you choose to do with it. Enrolling in this course alone will not bring you results. It is the actions you take and the accountability the online platform brings that will get you results. You may purchase a coffee a day and it's gone in 10 minutes. Through this program and platform, not only do you get years of trialled experience, but access to the platform for another 9 months (1 year total). That equates to $3 a day! Much cheaper than a coffee day! Now, that's value for money.


Q: How will this benefit me?

A: Maybe your mindset is not where you'd like it when you are challenged by fear. Or you're waking up feeling run down and unhealthy. Or you're living everyday with no purpose attending unfulfilling work. If any of these point resonate, then this is for you.


Q: Can Tofe personally coach me 1-on-1?

A: You will be coached online through the program to give you all the support you need to achieve your goals. Tofe’s time is limited but if you would like to investigate working directly with Tofe, please fill out the form here.

Corporate discounts apply for teams of 10 or more will need to fill in this form below