PART 5 of 5: 66 Day Accountability

(Session Time Approx: 10mins)



  • fill out the following each day and note what you did/ how you felt throughout the day and during any high-stressful times
  • Post any video and updates in the Facebook Group and interact with the other members


Accountability is what keeps us in check. It's what will protect us from ourselves. Profound, hey? But how are you meant to make yourself accountable without anything to put it toward? That’s when you implement goal setting; something about structure and a tight deadline will get your ass into gear for quick results.

As the progress gains momentum, so does your confidence. This will give you the urge to strive for greatness. Yes, we most definitely have to aim big and set high standards to get to the level where execution happens so easily. Even the tasks that seem impossible must start small.

We'll also stay in check by interacting with each other as we're all on this journey together. You'll be able to post videos and updates in the Facebook Group.


Download your copy of the work book here.

Join the Facebook Group here.



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