PART 4 of 5: Present Focused Living

(Session Time Approx: 60-90mins)



  • Practice gratitude by writing down 100 things you’re grateful for

  • Focus on the breath and 5 senses for present focused living - set a reminder for 3 times a day and focus on what you’re seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting

  • 30min walk or run - no headphones and I don't care if it's raining outside!

100 gratitude challenge - only showing the last 5

100 gratitude challenge - only showing the last 5

Having both anxiety and depression working together is a nightmare beyond belief. Anxiety is when you can’t stop thinking about everything, and depression is when you don’t care about anything at all. And if both of these are acting at once, it will result in an endless mental battle of tug of war. It’s as if you’re at school camp playing tug of war by yourself against two strong kids. You can’t win.

A lightbulb went on and a new focus arose: getting some sort of movement into the body, shifting those idolized, worried thoughts into sweat and endorphins. Soon after, and with the extensive repetition of not knowing what the hell I was doing, I was able to shift my perspective from past-focused living to present-focused living. I was actually living in the “now.” Children live and engage in present-focused living, like playing sports with their friends, while most of us are actually living in the past. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we disconnect from what feels right and what resonates with us, and we start going down that path of what we think we should be doing. It’s crucial that we engage in more present-focus, giving our full, undivided attention to keeping us grounded. Too many of us have our minds wandering around other planets.

The way to reduce autonomy is through present-focus living, that is, living in the now. It correlates to meditations because the point is to gain our self-awareness and keep our emotional intelligence at an all-time high. The last thing you want to do is get to the end of your day and have no conception of what you did. So, this is where we are constantly experimenting to keep our brains away from functioning on autopilot. We must live in the moment.


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