PART 3 of 5: Simulating Adversity

(Session Time Approx: 45mins)



  • Ice bath or cold shower - spend 1 minute in either

  • Plan out your day by realising what would be worst case scenario and how you’d handle those emotions.


When we come across a tough decision, it’s fear vs trust. They can’t function together at the same time. You either experience trust or you experience fear. There’s a point when you need to take a leap of faith. Completing a set of ladder crossings over open crevasses in the Everest region rewired my emotional thinking. My past experiences of mastery from other events helped me to down-regulate the activation of the amygdala (fear centre in the brain), either by holding my breath or by using a narrative. In that instant, I would create a story that I either consciously or unconsciously bring to mind that tells my brain, “I’ve done tough things and I’ve got this!” That narrative helps to calm down the activity of the amygdala. It’s as if my experiences and memories with pushing my mind and body to new heights are the validation my brain needs to take those crucial leaps of faith.

Your challenge is to do something every day that scares you. Embrace the uncomfortable. When you do something outside of your comfort zone, your heart rate increases, the amygdala (the fear center of your brain) freaks out, and you start questioning yourself. But this is where the magic happens. Trust me! You’ll be so timid at first that you might even regret you took a chance. Perfect! That’s the beginning of a habit. By the sixty-sixth day of stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll be an entirely new person! If you’re wondering why you should do this for sixty-six days, it’s because that’s the minimum amount of time it takes to create a new habit. You may think it’s twenty-one days, but according to The University College London, recent studies have shown that twenty-one days are not enough to establish a new habit. Although you might experience a shift in your activities around the twenty-one-day mark, sixty-six days is the minimum amount of time for a new habit to embed itself in your neurology.


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