Ready to Level UP?

Six-Pack Mind(set)

A 12-week online program designed to train these minds with a next level of learning to take the learning to a practical, accountable and deliverable level, especially in the workplace. All of which address the following that are scientifically proven to reduce stress: Physical Movement; Human Connection; Mindfulness & Mindset Practice; Purpose.


  • Help with staff engagement and communication between generational gaps

  • Prevent stress and mental health leave to save on costs ($10.11B spent in 2017 in Australia alone)

  • Having your young team mentally stronger maintaining a resilient mindset, ready to take on whatever comes up in the workplace

Path of the Warrior

There's ALOT of men out there that want to live fulfilling lives. But they can't seem to put any intent behind their actions. Constantly distracted from the mission and vision. As much clarity as walking in a dark room with no light. Then trying to continue the journey by themselves.

Does that sound like you?

Well, what if there was a team of people with you that's done all the guesswork? Your personal crew of 'sherpas' to help summit your β€˜Everest’ and guide you through The Path of The Warrior.

Lucky for you, that's what Brandon Clift, Tom Callow, and I are here for!

The body you desire, the bulletproof mindset, and a very powerful intention behind it all so you can strive as the incredible male role model you are. I'm not just talking about for your partner, kids, parents, and those around you...

I'm also talking for the man you look at every day in the mirror.


1-on-1 with Tofe


In just a few short years, Tofe went from his absolute lowest point in life to share and teach his methods for developing an UNBREAKABLE mindset. With Tofe's experience and insatiable energy that has made him a powerful young thought leader to the aspiring male leaders & millennials of today. 

Whether it's picking you up from your lowest point, or taking you to your highest peak, you can guarantee Tofe will be there every step of the way ensuring your mind is laser-focused on achieving your goal.

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