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5 Mind Hacks to Make Fear Your Best Friend

Want to learn how to make fear your best friend?

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We always want the simple way out...

of a task because time is our most valuable commodity. You may think money is more valuable but where you can lose $30k, you can regain $30k over time. However, you can’t reverse time and be 5 years or a day younger. So really, today is the youngest day you’ll ever be... This is where you can focus on disrupting the everyday conventional thinking. Where you do want to quicken the process a little, I have come across several ways that I’ve learnt through the greats or myself philosophically via endurance (and testing them myself) and can attest that they will definitely work for you to prevent yourself becoming the bitch of your own brain.

Before I continue with these mind hacks, I’m a thought leader on practical resilience not on hacking the body to get you your ideal body. I’m here so you have the artillery to hold yourself together in case of a traumatic crisis. If you want the perfect body, I’m not your guy for that. Hey, having a six pack body is great but having a six pack mind is more important.

As you continue to read about these mind hacks, they may sound counter-intuitive but you’re actually disrupting the system, in the best possible way. You’ll have to trust me on these methods so just give it a try.

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