If you don't understand how the body works, you'll never have good health; If you don't understand anything about money, you'll never be financially independent; if you don't understand your strengths, you'll struggle with propelling yourself forward. These seem like simple rules, however, ‘simple’ can shoot right over anyone's head.

It really comes down to self awareness. You must know what makes you tick, your strengths and weaknesses, and what drives you.

If you have no idea who you are, that's okay, you're not alone. The signs are actually in front of you without you even realising. Here are three simple personality tests to know how you find things about yourself:

  1. MYERS-BRIGGS | how people perceive the world around them and make decisions

  2. 4 TENDENCIES | to determine how you typically react to expectations

  3. DISC | to find your communication style

Even though these tests are different, try all three! There will be questions that you may be uncomfortable answering though, the key is you need to be 100% brutally honest to get the best possible outcome. Note, that there is no right and wrong result.

You’ll come across synergies and figure out what you’re naturally good at so triple down on these bad boys! But it doesn’t end there, you’ll recognise what your weaknesses are too. Where you invest all your time in strengths, you leave the weaknesses alone and pass them onto others.

There’s no law of physics saying you can’t distribute what you’re not good at. I highly encourage involving your team members during this process. For every successful or great person that's lived, they'll tell you that they couldn't do it on their own.


How much more productive are we when we’re taking on a task we’re good at? Known as flow, a concept discovered by social psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's who explains that state we enter when time flies and you fall into a cadence of fluid motion. During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life.

But what about the things we don’t want to do that we suck at?

If you’ve come to a point in life unknowingly how to progress, it’s figuring who you are as a person and going all in on what you’re naturally great at and partnering up with those who will bring the skills to the table that you heavily lack on. By recognising our strengths and weaknesses, we become acceptant of who we are, and focus on maximising our full potential. Whether it’s data-entering, creating websites, building networks or analysing research reports, there’s always something out there that another person can help us with.

The way we collaborate is by knowing what the other parties are trying to achieve and creating an outcome that can benefit all sides. To give you an understanding on how collaboration is everywhere and more prevalent than you think, below is a list of working collaborations you may recognise:

  • GoPro & Red Bull

  • McDonald's & Uber Eats

  • Caltex Socceroos

  • UFC & Reebok & EA Sports

  • BMW & Berlin Marathon

Maybe you’re in a position where you might be starting out or looking to diversify but have a tight budget. Or you’re just not well-recognised in your field just yet, and that’s okay too! Over my experience with collaborating, I’ve learnt it’s a working progress. You may not get GoPro on board straight away but over enough practise, you will eventually catch their attention. Here are three hypothetical situations that you may fall under and how to collaborate and grow your brand or business: (note, I have experienced all three of these)

  1. ASPIRING BLOGGER - I’ve noticed over blogging for the last two years that page views will increase quite substantially if I interview someone renowned in the field because there’s a chance they’ll reshare it through their social channels.

  1. BUSINESS PLATEAU - To stand out in business, you need great marketing otherwise, it will result in financial turmoil faster than getting the business registered. It can suck big time especially when we haven’t got much of a budget to start with. That’s why it’s worth reaching out to larger brands and seeing how you can somehow work with them together because they’ll help promote and introduce you into an entirely new network of connections which may lead to future collaboration or clientele.

  1. HOSTING AN EVENT - This one can be fun because it’s cost-effective if it’s done right. That means, getting the right sponsors on board. Where logistics and the planning is the stressful part, acquiring sponsors to come on board could easily benefit if their brand is shown all throughout event collateral and social media dedication. They might not want to give you funding but may supply a venue, product, or some sort of sweat equity. Keep working on that relationship when that sponsorship arises and it may turn into financial backing later down the track.

We live in a collaborative world that it’s unavoidable that humans were wired to connect. My own experiences teaming up with universities, Shark Tank invested companies, and emerging brands has been such an eye-opener, the following lessons I’ve come across can be takeaways for your own situation:

  • Everyone wants the same result and end goal - trust is strengthened to help each other out where possible

  • You’re introduced and referred to an entirely new network

  • It makes it easier for credibility when you’re associated with well-established brands

  • More opportunities are able to be presented after previous work


Leave a comment on what collaborations have you recently been apart of? Would love to hear your thoughts and be sure to share this one for those who are too busy trying to work on everything instead of what using their time wisely.

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Enjoy and stay strong!