Riding up the hill to abruptly find the chain has snapped.

Never had that issue before.

Frustration soon became patience.

Figuring it out so the bike can ride again.

The bike of life, that is.

Hands dirty, scuff marks on my sweaty shirt, sun is sweltering. 

Deep breaths and focus lead me to figure out how to fix a broken chain.

A mesmerising concentration; present-focused living.

Steady, don’t go too quick, gotta test the chain.

Skeptical at first because it takes care while the shoes are strapped into pedals.

A few turns and, “she’s good!”

The broken chain was my situation the last few weeks.

It’s only really this week where the bike is moving with such momentum.

I didn’t want today to end, to be honest.

I love these days.

Tomorrow is going to be even better.