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Sometimes things go haywire, the ‘oh sh!t’ moments that cause stress but know there is a framework that can build the ability to help you move through these challenging times.

As I’m coming to the end of the framework, we’ve struck gold in the middle. But before I continue, I’ll quickly recap the last six weeks to refresh your memory. Firstly, as we enter a state of adversity, it’s like we’re experiencing everything through an egocentric paradigm perceiving everything that we have it worse than everyone. We have to understand everyone in life goes through stress. It’s okay to not be okay at this juncture in life because we stop comparing ourselves to everyone we come across. It’s not until there’s a pivotal moment where we need to make a disruptive shift in our mindset, rewiring neural pathways and habitual patterns with our discipline, that it’s now become an obsession with the growth. All of a sudden, something reminds us of the dark days, yet, it’s a sign of relief of how far we’ve come. We’re glad those times happened and our gratitude and appreciation for life increases our empathy and changes our entire perspective.

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Core Pillars




Collision Pillars





Let me explain how I discovered this framework. Firstly, the three vital components (core pillars) are a multiplier of each, because when they’re all in action, the result is exponential. But you can’t just have one or two. You need all three for it to work. It’s like having a pie without the crust. It’s not going to taste right, and it will definitely feel like it’s missing a key ingredient. You can use the Practical Resilience toolkit wherever you want to become mentally stronger.

Like a skill, it will take a great deal of practice, but when you continue with the concept until it becomes a habit, it won’t feel like work after a couple months of daily repetition. Then, whenever you come across adversity, you will have the emotional intelligence to handle it. Let’s go into further detail and show you the reasoning behind how the Practical Resilience framework comes into play and the reasoning that’s behind it.

Understanding how to apply Practical Resilience is crucial when the shit hits the fan because there’s a dramatic increase in your emotional intelligence that recognizes what’s going on. When you develop a state of reassurance, then it’s okay to come across adversity again. Embrace the adversity and it will lead you toward great things at the most unexpected times.



Natural disasters are the hardest to plan for because you can’t predict what Mother Nature might do, regardless of calculated predictions. On August 17, 2017, a harmful tropical Atlantic hurricane destroyed several towns in Texas and Louisiana. All power was lost, houses were flooded, and lives were taken. Everyone knew how real Hurricane Harvey was. With what looked like a bomb had hit those regions, the love and outpouring of help from around the country and the world came or sent food, water, clothing, and offered shelter for individuals, families, pets, cattle, and horses. This was indeed an uncontrollable disaster and a stressful time for everyone. The cities and residents affected by the hurricane were devastated. So many people were displaced and lost their homes and their precious belongings. But after the hurricane had left the area, people dropped everything to help each other out. No one disparaged race, age, gender, colour, or sexuality. Everyone was willing to help each other during a highly stressful time. A furniture store used its beds for shelter; Anheuser-Busch, a brewery based out of Georgia, sent 155,000 cans of emergency water; civilians rescued many people with boats; even a doughnut shop kept its doors open so any struggling civilians could get food if they’d lost everything.



When dealing with the death of a close friend or family member it’s a tough moment to live through, and we all wish the circumstance never existed. But no one lives forever, unfortunately.

When this news reaches you, it breaks your heart and every melancholic emotion hits you harder than a bus rolling down a mountain at full speed. Everything about that person reminds you of the great times you had, and then you suddenly experience a severe sense of loss. You go through all sorts of feelings and you secretly wish you could’ve done something to prevent it from happening. But then something magical happens during this gloomy period; it brings everyone together.

Curious to know how you overcame your pitfalls using Practical Resilience, leave a comment below!






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