What Happened When I Made Health My #1 Priority

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Experiencing psychological torment narrowed my clarity, I was treading on thin ice. Researching why I wasn’t happy through multiple web links and books widened that clarity to keep me curious. Once I discovered I needed to make my health my #1 priority, that single handedly saved my life, literally.

It became a paradigm shift because I realised that to really progress in life, I needed to be able to think, feel, and moving as healthy as possible.

Simply, you are what you think and consume.

As a person who’s fascinated with human behaviour and dynamics, it astounds me how there are people who set limits on themselves and those who are limitless. A healthy mind will always equate to healthy decisions but to be able to have absolute focus, this when you have to be careful of what you consume. And that could be anything from the foods you eat to the media you watch to the people you constantly hang around.

Remember that we can’t limit our thinking and the impossible becomes “I’m Possible!”

I know for myself that when I eat alot of junk food and high-sugar snacks, my thinking is hazy and smogged up. And the sugar will only make me hungrier because the dopamine in our brains react the same as we do with cocaine believe it or not.



Where cocaine can act the same as sugar, I’ve been there too, man. Constantly indulging into sugar-based snacks not only made me hungrier but my head is experiencing a rush that’ll have all pistons firing, subsequently red-lining till I’m burnt out. And if you’re burnt out, productivity isn’t happening any time soon.

Everyday we have 3-5 bursts of mental glycogen which is essentially your thinking energy source to fuel any brain activity and logical decision making. Now, when your brain is rushed at a max for too long then your daily glycogen will surpass and have you tired if anything. How frustrating is it when you can’t think!

Now I’m not telling you to quit sugar but if you want progress, reduce the amount of refined sugars you intake. Maybe not at once but start small and eventually it’ll be a piece of cake (sugar-free cake that is…). Yes it will be tough at first but resist every urge to have a ‘little’.

Before you know it, your cravings won’t be dependent on sugar. Where sugar can have an affect on your mental ability, it plays a part on you physically. It literally makes you hungrier and insatiated especially when it’s a snack. If you eat more than required, it can turn into a bad habit to the point your weight will slowly catch up again and self-confidence goes back down.

If there’s a chocolate in the fridge, it’s easier to resist the temptation if I haven’t been indulging in sweets because it’s as if I’ve forgotten what I’m missing on, plus I’m on a roll with how I want my ideal body looks.


  1. Health; followed by

  2. Social capital

The point of an investment is to deploy some sort of commodity at the beginning to have a better return; but importantly, you want an exponential return. What's the most valuable commodity on earth? No it's no coffee or even cocaine. It's time. Think about it, you can regain money if you lose it but you can't go back in time.

Richard Branson said it best “If you don't look after your health, how are you meant to make good decisions in business and life?“

Fucking spot on, Richie!

health is wealth.jpg


But really, the biggest form of wealth is your health, in my opinion. I personally don’t think wealth is just money related when your life should be integrated of wealth, love/ relationships, and happiness too.

How are we meant to live happy and purposeful lives if we’re not waking up healthy each day? Where part of the world puts a negative connotation on ‘healthy’ and can define it as ‘uncool’, this is when you must realise that your perception on health shouldn’t be affected by others, especially those that aren’t experts in the field - remember to not be democratic with your thinking!

Where there’s thousands of health books on diets and exercise, yes, they’re detailed in a specific type but they all have the same correlation to living a healthy life. That is, don’t eat too much shitty foods, watch how much you’re eating, and make sure you’re moving everyday even if it’s walking.

So, I've managed to be quite active since I've changed my paradigm into realising how important my health was. Here's a video below when I was training to test my Vo2 Max.

I've recently launched my YouTube channel, feel free to like and subscribe :) Will be posting once a week with these blog.

Anyway, leave your two cents on the topic of how health should be #1 priority. 

Hope you guys have a stellar weekend!