There’s an uncanny difference to knowing something and thinking you know something.

So, let me continue with:

know I’m worth everything.

know I can bounce back from any loss.

know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

know I’ll experience true love to a beautiful partner I’m proud of.

know I’ll create a very sustainable life.

know the value of losing and failure.

know the power of connection.

know I am loved. That is, by myself and those around me who support far and wide.


In saying that;

think I know how powerful my mind can be.

think I know how incredible my potential is.

think I know… 


Let’s just leave it there.

“Fear kills your ability to see beauty.” - Will Smith


Fear is a bitch, and it can really test us when it wants.

My relationship with it is an interesting one of push-pull and embracing each other. Can you relate so far?


Even writing this caused me to procrastinate around the notion of thinking about fear.


Fuelling the terror in my monsters.


Calm down beasts. I know, it’s a trigger.


One I would have perceived a trigger of death once upon a time.


It’s an emotional trigger of trauma.


Reminding me I’m on the right path.


A cold, windy, dark, and eerie path part of the quest to get through the other side.


I don’t need much light to alight the scariness.


I’ve been here before.


Suddenly, I remember an old and worthless flashlight is hidden in my pocket.


Not so worthless after all.


The signs are right in front of me.


A sign to a new beast. It looks like it’s lacking empathy. It looks like it’s hungry. It looks like a new part of me I can no longer deny.


As vicious as it is, it has a beating heart. It may look a little different to the regular human heart, though it’s living for a reason.


To kill? Maybe internally.


Though, that’ll only happen if I fight it.


I take off my helmet and show the beast of fear my love.


A smirk followed by a warming grin from its side. Suddenly, I’m watching it shed its skin.


What an eye-opening experience. I’m intrigued as every second goes by.


I noticed it looks oddly familiar. Same armour, same scars, same imperfections as myself. 


It finally clicked. It was me.


A paralleled version of what I first perceived as a bad and scary beast. Fear was me wrapped in hurt and trauma.


As I walk closer to fear, it came closer to me.


It was delighted to see me as I approached it with love.


When we were a foot apart, we came in for an awkward handshake followed by a lengthy warm hug.

It was weird, our hands even looked the same but the fear side of me was yearning my love.


I closed my eyes during this intimate interaction and by the time we had finished the hug, fear had disappeared.


It was in me.


A smile of relief. I was now able to continue walking the forest.


Embracing fear allowed me the ability to see its beauty.

Have a great day on purpose.


Tofe evans.png

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