How We Become Stronger from Abuse with Andrea Aviet

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To be abused physically, mentally, sexually or emotionally can affect us psychologically. You stop seeing the world from a positive outlook and it's mortifying to even tell anyone. You start to lose self-confidence and care after yourself however, the people who have gone through any abusive turmoil are some of the strongest people out there. Which brings me to Andrea Aviet.

Over the past year, I've been fortunate to be introduced into a group of like minded young individuals that are primarily engaged for social impact. Known as #youth4good - we are located around the world but brought together to connect via LinkedIn and create an environment of innovation, inspiration, empowerment, and positive change.

This is how I came across Andrea. A friend of mine who’s been through hell and back only to create opportunity from the adversity she experienced throughout her journey. As oxymoronic as it sounds, adversity is a blessing in disguise!

Her story is intriguing to say the least and because I was curious, mainly because I’m fascinated with resilience and comeback stories, we embraced the opportunity to Skype last week and dug deep into her story (as well as mine as they’re similar to an extent).

Not only that, we recorded the conversation so the listeners can hear how powerful Andrea’s message is and how you can connect and get in touch with her.

The fact that she was abused years ago and is now empowering other women through her book, White Sorrow and learnings is quite the transformation. Nothing but respect and I highly admire this leadership.


Listen to the interview below!

Get in Touch with Andrea Aviet:


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Also, here's a snippet of the keynote I delivered to the senior students of the high school I graduated from 9 years ago. It was a humbling experience to have the opportunity to speak my story and the topic of practical resilience in front of a bright bunch of kids. Don't forget to like and subscribe :)