Believe it or not, any adversity is a blessing in disguise.

Why is that? How can something so negative turn into something so great? Because you are all warriors, and grit is the proponent for growth. Every person you look up to in the world has gone through some sort of pain and learned that you must be persistent. Everything happens for a reason.

At the end of the day, it’s going to be okay! For a short time, it may seem like the worst feeling to endure, but know that soon you will have overcome that pitfall! Your mission is to keep getting back up after every fall to the point it’s habit and becomes knowledge so when something similar happens again, you’ll know exactly what to do. The experience can also let you help a friend who might be going through a tough time, like yours. Your guidance will be invaluable because you can relate to what your friend is feeling.

You may look at these moments as failures, but they’re not. They’re simply experiments that didn’t go as planned. Overcoming every obstacle is the greatest strength you can get. Your neural pathways should be so accustomed to your response and attitude toward the situation that stress will become your best friend. It won’t feel like a big deal, knowing your resilience is settling in like concrete. You’re starting to become unbreakable. That is why greatness means rising above the turmoil, no matter how bad you have it.


Kirstie Ennis is an ex-Marine who lived to tell about her experience of overcoming an improvised bomb explosion which caused her chopper to crash. When Kirstie and I first met, she was in a limb salvage state, which meant she knew she’d be losing her leg. It was a matter of time as to when.

When Kirstie first returned home from Afghanistan with the injuries, doctors wanted to amputate her leg, but and opted to attempt to save it. Knowing she could lose it soon, she did the 1,600km trek to the UK as a send off for her leg, though she was heavily medicated to reduce the pain. Ten days after the walk, her leg was amputated below the knee and a later infection required amputation above the knee.

Going from below the knee to above the knee in amputation is the last thing anyone should go through. She went from a fixed prosthetic leg to a new leg with a mechanical knee. Eight months after the amputation, she signed up for the Augusta half-ironman triathlon and completed two marathons. But her heroism doesn’t end there. Kirstie has also been a stunt double in two movies.

Kirstie Ennis (left); Garry Rogers (right)

Kirstie Ennis (left); Garry Rogers (right)

Another amputee friend of mine is Garry Rogers. He lost both arms during an electrical incident four years ago. Let’s think about that: you’ve lost your arms and practically every ability to do anything. I met Garry back in 2016 while racing, and I wanted to know his story. He was a bit shy at first, but he’s full of heart and such a nice guy with a funny sense of humor.

As of June 2017, Garry and I completed a 100 km ultramarathon together. Long-distance running is more mental than physical. One moment you’re steady, and the next moment you reach a mental challenge that holds you back. Somehow you push through and come out with a finish. That’s life, an ultramarathon! Even though Garry was struggling pretty badly in the last 10 km, he knew he would cross that finish line because he’d gone through worse times and had tackled his fears.

Both Kirstie and Garry have been through more trauma than anyone I’ve known personally. Yet, they both always have a smile on their faces, rarely complain, and they cherish every day like it’s their last. You will rarely hear either of them ask, “Is it Friday yet?”, because they’re appreciate of life cherishing every moment.

It’s amazing how resilient human beings are! Where life can feel like it’s caving in on us, it’s a matter of incremental growth. Starting small working on one step at a time.



Adversity can be a bitch as it keeps showing up. We need to learn how to use it to our advantage. It doesn’t matter how many setbacks you come across, it’s the comeback that will make your story stand the test of time. In sport, when the team is down by a substantial amount of points and come back to win it, these are the games that everyone always seem to remember.

Even if the entire world feels likes it’s against you, be that comeback story and defy the odds.

As I'm seven weeks from launch date of my book, each week I'll be explaining the fundamentals of how Practical Resilience is the framework you need.

Adversity is a word that has a negative connotation attached to it but, it is your greatest tool. It can drive you to finish challenges. It can give you opportunity. And more importantly, it can put you into a killer-driven mindset... which I'll save for next week!

Let me know how you’ve dealt with adversity and the opportunities is created for you when you least expected it.